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SENSUS SPA: health and beauty treatments and massages in our wellness center in Bardolino

In the SENSUS SPA wellness center in Bardolino, the expert hands of our associates will perform treatments and massages for face and body in a welcoming atmosphere that conveys calm and serenity to our guests.

Everyday life, work and commitments, are stressful moments; true luxury is managing to combat all these situations. Create time, and treat yourself to an enjoyable holiday with aesthetic and wellbeing treatments such as Aromatic Treatments with Roses, Lavender, Alpine Orchids, vines and, sensory treatments with countless properties for beauty and massage.

Discover the massages and treatments at our SPA on Lake Garda!

Body Treatments

Waistline Treatment - 45 minutes € 40,00

  • Spa course
  • Scrub to activate the abdomen
  • Seaweed compress on the abdomen
  • Shower
  • Massage with intensive cream specifically for the abdomen

Specific treatment for back and cervical vertebra - 50 minutes € 45,00

  • Spa course
  • Back Peeling
  • Compress to relieve tensions with Dead Sea mud
  • Shower
  • Partial Back Massage to relax the muscles in the neck and back

Body Treatment with Dead Sea salt and jam at your choice between pumpkin or grape - 1 hour € 50,00

  • Pumpkin jam with detox and anti-aging properties
  • grape jam with moisturizing, revitalizing and vasoprotective properties

Face Treatments

Cleopatra facial treatment - 1.10 hour € 60,00

The skin will immediately appear toned and compact, it will have an illuminating and rejuvenating appearance. The same treatment for the hands will make them appear soft and silky.

  • Spa course
  • Cleaning of face and hands
  • Toning and smoothing serum
  • Cream with face and hands massage
  • Regenerating and hydro regulating mask
  • Hands compress

Aphrodite facial treatment - 50 minutes € 50,00

  • Moisturizing facial treatment, purifying and enlightening for all skin types
  • Counteracts the loss of the skin tone and appearance of winkles

Sissi facial treatment - 50 minutes € 45,00

For sensitive skin, to reduce redness and help the skin from radical agents in the atmosphere.

  • Spa course
  • Cleansing of face
  • Massage with protective cream
  • Smoothing cream

Facial cleaning - 1 hour € 35,00

Cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté with ozone and purifying mask.

Back cleaning - 50 minutes € 30,00

Peeling, wringed out and relaxing compress.

"Nice hands" treatment - 40 minutes € 40,00

Beauty treatment for hands with moisturizing and purifying mask.

Massage for face and décolleté - 30 minutes € 25,00


Scalp and cervical massage - 30 minutes € 25,00


Beauty Treatments

Treatment Duration Cost
Half leg 30 minutes 15,00 €
Full leg 45 minutes 30,00 €
Full leg with bikini 60 minutes 35,00 €
Back and chest 20 minutes 15,00 €
Underarms 15 minutes 5,00 €
Partial Bikini 30 minutes 8,00 €
Total Bikini 30 minutes 10,00 €
Upper lip 10 minutes 5,00 €
Arms 20 minutes 12,00 €
Eyebrow 15 minutes 5,00 €
Total Depilation 60 minutes 45,00 €
Manicure 30 minutes 15,00 €
Treatment Pedicure
60 minutes 30,00 €
Standard Pedicure
30 minutes 20,00 €
Semi-permanent polish-hands 60 minutes 25,00 €
Semi-permanent polish-feet 50 minutes 30,00 €
Feet treatment with nail polish
45 minutes 30,00 €

Subscription (Advance payment required)

  Duration Cost
Solarium 5+1 10 minutes 50,00 €
Reactivating body massages 10+2 50 minutes 370,00 €
Partial back massage 5+1 30 minutes 140,00 €
Leg drainage massage 5+1 50 minutes 160,00 €

Our Massages

Sound Massage (singing bowls) - 45 minutes € 45,00

Very effective deep relaxation technique. Reconnection with your original harmony, deep relaxation and positive perception of your body.

Hot Stone Massage - 60 minutes € 60,00

Holistic massage for the mind and body. Thanks to the hot lava stones, is ideal for the muscle rigidity, getting rid of toxins and for a smoothed skin. Well-being sensation with a mood improvement, it helps with stress and insomnia. It is not recommended for whom suffers on capillary fragility because it has an vasoconstrictor effect.

Massage with candle - 50 minutes € 60,00

A well-being ritual for whom wants enjoy a relax moment and regenerating tranquility; a cuddle for the body thanks to the use of candles, rich of vegetable butter that give a soft and tonic skin. A precious moment where your senses are involved and stimulated with different types of perfumes; the warmth of the hot drops melts the tensions and contractures.

Relaxing massage with essential oils at your choice - 40 minutes € 40,00


Leg drainage massage - 30 minutes € 30,00


Complete regeneration Massage - 50 minutes € 55,00

Ideal for the complete regeneration of the body and soul. De-contracting, energizing, cleaning and draining treatments, thanks to the application of sweet almond oil and essential stimulation oil.

Draining body Massage - 50 minutes € 50,00

Favored for eliminating liquid and toxins, and relieving muscle tension.

Circulatory Body Massage - 45 minutes € 45,00

Stimulates circulation and helps to eliminate fatty deposits.

Anti-Stress Body Massage - 45 minutes € 45,00

Relaxes the mind and muscles. Allow yourself to be pampered with perfumed essential oils.

Partial Back Massage - 30 minutes € 35,00

Relaxes the muscles, and relieves tension usually found in the neck and back.

Dead Sea Mud

Hot application for draining action, muscle pain relief, stimulation of the lymphatic and blood circulation. Cold application for a firming and purifying action.

Partial firming mud treatment - 50 minutes € 45,00

Partial draining mud treatment - 50 minutes € 45,00


Draining leg bandage wrap - 50 minutes € 40,00

Body Peeling

Cleansing and final application of cream mask or oils.

Body Peeling with Dead Sea salts and final massage with olive oil - 1 hour € 50,00

Body peeling with final butter cream - 1 hour € 50,00


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