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Where a sustainable holiday is an essential value
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Home is simply love and daily dedication

Home is our history

”Helping our guests experience the history of a hotel and family dedicated to hospitality”

Our many years in the business have allowed us to learn how to best understand and meet the needs of our visitors to make their stay a unique experience for them and for us.

Home is wellbeing

”A magical place, full of surprises that will draw you into the history of the places and our family tradition”

 During the year, daily life drags us along with its frenetic pace, putting our health and wellbeing at risk.  The 4 STAGIONI HOTEL & SPA is your home in the centre of Bardolino, on the shores of Lake Garda, where you can find an oasis of wellbeing and a break from the rigors of daily life, at any time of the year.

Home is being present and taking care of the customer

”Each customer brings something precious with them and contributes to keeping the spirit of the hotel alive”

The spirit of welcome is our first consideration and our commitment is to make it as pleasant and warm as possible for our customers. At our hotel, we feel it is our duty to allow the customer to enjoy a family climate and peaceful moments.

Home is protecting the environment: 4 STAGIONI Ecolabel Hotel

The Arietti family, owner of the hotel for over four generations, has taken on a new challenge: to make our hotel known for the love and preservation of the environment that always distinguish us through the mark of ecological quality “Ecolabel”.

For this project we have committed ourselves to implement measures on both an organizational and technical level, aimed at preventing pollution by curbing emissions and using renewable energy sources, reducing the waste produced and reducing water consumption. This is why our company uses electricity from a RECs certified source.

Within these activities, we pay particular attention to the active participation of our guests in environmental initiatives and public transport organized locally and the training of our employees so they can best put in practice, according to the roles and responsibilities of each one, the fundamentals for achieving our goals.

Home is a passion for service

Our work is the accumulation of numerous daily gestures so that the guest remembers it for a long time and the memory does not disappear as soon as they return to their daily life.

Home is caring for the environment and all details

We like the idea that our guest feels at home and all of our efforts are aimed at making the environment comfortable and welcoming by paying attention to even the smallest detail that can transform an anonymous and impersonal environment into one that is unique and exceptional.

Home is the strong, dynamic, and long-lived style

“Being a family is making sure that both the staff and guests feel that they are part of it”

The 4 Stagioni Hotel & SPA has the discrete yet persistent fragrance of a rose, the bittersweet and classical Italian flavour of chinotto, the red colour of beautiful and well-made items, the apparently simple sound of a harp, which are the result of dedication and attention to detail. It is the secure beauty of traditions that spring forth from the profound essence of things, combined with the innovative bursting force of the flow of history that carries us along towards the future, like a classic yet exclusive sports car with excellent performance that provides an unforgettable experience.

Your Family Arietti


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